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Laura Giles


Strategic Planning / Process Engineering / Relationship Management / PreSales Engineer




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A Bit About Me

For over 20 years, I have consistently achieved business and project goals. My background in business development, software development and integration, enterprise platform management, technical project management, security compliance, and business process management through a variety of industries including US & international government agencies, represents a unique combination of disciplines in workstream automation. I am committed to professionalism, am highly organized, and am able to see the big picture while paying attention to smaller details.


  • Rebuilt two projects and associated client relationships that had fallen apart. Large fixed price
    CRM project for an international convenience store chain and a custom software project for a large
    wireless provider were abandoned by prior teams. Rewrote statement of work, negotiated changes with client and re-baselined scheduled. Restored both customer relationships and turned failures into
    business reference projects. Received employers and client’s highest honors for turning around both
    accounts and continuing client growth.

  • Upgraded an impossible situation, early. Two previous attempts to upgrade a Fortune 500 healthcare customer’s on-premise installation failed and each previous attempt dragged on for over a year. Rewrote statement of work, worked with client PM to lay out dependencies and schedule. Project completed three months from start date and finished a week early.

  • Critical player in winning largest accounts in company history. In jeopardy of potentially losing a bid for a Fortune 500 cable, internet, and telephone provider. I was brought in two days before the final demonstration to prepare several solid business cases totaling in $2.6M in ROI and deliver the proof of concept demonstration. Client has realized $30M after the first year. I was frequently brought in to deliver the same proof of concept performance that resulted in a company-wide sales strategy makeover.

  • Built & standardized account insights & management. Company could not assess status, reliable source for account documentation or financial health of ongoing projects. Launched collaboration site, business operating standards and a project management template. Centralized scheduling and planning. Introduced dashboards for rapid, accurate reports.

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